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Tool Kit

In this section of the website, we provide information on commonly used tools that university and colleges use for assessment. Note that this tool kit includes only instruments that measure learning such as tests, surveys, portfolios, and curriculum mapping. To find additional information about these tools and other resources that may help with the assessment process, please go to the Measuring Quality Inventory, a resource created as part of a joint partnership with ACE, AIR and NILOA.

Under tests, you will find a list of most common national tests. In the surveys section, you will find a list of national surveys along with a brief description of the survey.  In the portfolios and rubrics pages, you will find research and examples of each. Curriculum mapping is one assessment tool for program level assessment. Recently added are the benchmarking section that gives literature, description, and additional resources for this practice. In addition, we have also been working on assessment briefs, which are commissioned pieces on assessment for specific audiences. Under Principles of Assessment, readers will find the American Association of Higher Education Principles written in 1992 as well as letter written by Pat Hutchings, Peter Ewell and Trudy Banta who provide an overview of the development of AAHE's Principles and their continuing relevance today.

If you would like more information about practices and uses of these tests and how other institutions are implementing assessments, please check out the Resources tab.