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November 2016
In this month’s newsletter, we take a moment to remind readers and underscore the importance of the collaborative and intentional work of the field to advance learning for all students. This newsletter emphasizes the value of meaningful practice, practice that will continue to touch the lives of students long after they complete their studies – practice that is embedded within the daily lives of faculty and staff, that builds connections and community and outlasts any changes in administrative turnover. NILOA is committed to sharing resources that engage diverse groups in reflective, collective dialogue. We hope you find this information useful as well as a reminder of what our shared efforts can and have accomplished.

The November 2016 edition of the NILOA Newsletter features a timely NILOA Viewpoint Just Assessment. Nothing More. Nothing Less. from Wayne Jacobson, University of Iowa. In addition, we are happy to announce that the application materials for the 2017 Excellence in Assessment (EIA) Designation are now available. We invite you to submit an application by the April 14, 2017, deadline. The newsletter concludes with an update on our assignment-design guides, a resource to facilitate assignment conversations from Karen Ford, University of Sheffield, a featured website from the University of Kansas, a new Featured Assignment from Mount St. Joseph University, and information on relevant News and Upcoming Conferences and Programs.

October 2016
The 2016 Assessment Institute begins this weekend, and we at NILOA could not be more excited. Below, please read about NILOA’s Track at the Assessment Institute and the various featured sections of this month’s newsletter. We have a new NILOA Occasional Paper, Tracing Assessment Practice as Reflected in Assessment Update, from Trudy W. Banta, Peter T. Ewell, and Cynthia A. Cogswell, a Viewpoint from Frederick Burrack and Chris Urban at Kansas State University, Design for a Transparent and Engaging Assessment Website, and a DQP/Tuning Case Study from Daemen College by Laura Giffin. In addition, we invite you to view a Featured Website from Pepperdine University, a new NILOA resource on Using the DQP for Alignment with External Expectations, and information on relevant News and Upcoming Conferences and Programs, including a recap and announcement of the NILOA co-sponsored 2017 National Teaching and Learning Institute. Finally, we invite you to join us for a webinar on October 20 on curriculum mapping and meaningful alignment.

September 2016
This month’s NILOA Newsletter opens with an important exciting announcement.  Dr. Natasha Jankowski is now the NILOA director!  Please join us in thanking and congratulating Dr. Jankowski for taking on this important assignment! This newsletter also features a new Viewpoint, Improvement Matters, from Peter Felten, a new DQP/Tuning Case Study of Utah State University, an Assessment in Practice titled The Development of a Student Affairs Assessment Structure from Kevin Grant, a resource on the Birth and Growth of the DQP, and a featured website from DePaul University. We also call your attention to the request for your participation in a short DQP/Tuning questionnaire along with the customary listing of relevant News and information about Upcoming Conferences and Programs. 

August 2016
This month’s NILOA Newsletter features a few important announcements. First, please join us in welcoming Dr. Gianina R. Baker as NILOA’s new assistant director! Second, we recognize the ten institutions that comprise the inaugural class of Excellence in Assessment (EIA) designees. Finally, we encourage you to read Paul Lingenfelter’s article in Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning, as well as Pat Hutchings' blog post, along with information on relevant News and Upcoming Conferences.

July 2016
This month’s NILOA Newsletter features a new NILOA Occasional Paper, Pedagogical Choices Make Large Classes Feel Small, by Karen Singer-Freeman and Linda Bastone from Purchase College. In addition, we have a new Case Study, Alverno College: Lessons from an Assessment Pioneer, by NILOA’s Carrie Allen, a featured website from the University of Alaska Anchorage student affairs office, resources focused on General Education, and a DQP Update with information on the Connecting Credentials initiative. Finally, we introduce a new NILOA resource on Assessment Management Systems, along with relevant News Items, a Job Announcement for a NILOA Visiting Assistant Director, and information on Upcoming Conferences and Programs.

June 2016
This month’s NILOA Newsletter features a Viewpoint, Working Together to Define and Measure Learning in the Disciplines, from Amanda Cook, Richard Arum, and Josipa Roksa, two new reports including the Degree Qualifications Profile Impact Study: Framing and Connecting Initiatives to Strengthen Student Learning and Using the Degree Qualifications Profile to Foster Meaningful Change, both by NILOA’s Natasha A. Jankowski and Laura Giffin, and a DQP Case Study on McKendree University by NILOA’s Emily Teitelbaum and Kathryn Schultz. In addition, we have a Featured Website from Columbus State Community College, a new NILOA resource on Badges, and a DQP Update focused on the release of Lumina's Emerging Learning System report. Finally, as is customary, we include relevant News items and information on Upcoming Conferences and Programs.

May 2016
This month’s NILOA newsletter features a new NILOA Policy Statement, Higher Education Quality: Why Documenting Learning Matters, an Assessment in Practice, Social Network Analysis as Method to Assess Collaboration, by Christa van Staden, and a Featured Website from Boston University. In addition, we invite you to explore a new NILOA Tool Kit, Organizing Assignment-Design Work On Your Campus: A Tool Kit of Resources and Materials. Finally, relevant news items and information on Upcoming Conferences and Programs are provided.   

April 2016
This month’s NILOA Newsletter features a Viewpoint, The Simplicity of Cycles, from Mary Catharine Lennon, University of Toronto. It also includes an Assessment in Practice,Digitally Automated Assessment of Outcomes Classified Per Bloom’s Three Domains and Based on Frequency and Type of Assessments, from Wajid Hussain and Mohammad F. Addas of Islamic University in Madinah, a Featured Website from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, DQP resources, and relevant news and information on upcoming conferences and programs.

March 2016
This month’s NILOA Newsletter features a Viewpoint, Helping Faculty Use Assessment Data to Provide More Equitable Learning Experiences, from Mary-Ann Winkelmes, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, an Assessment in Practice, Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes Based on Institutional Core Values, from Haifa Jamal Al-Lail and Houria Oudghiri of Effat University, information on the Excellence in Assessment (EIA) Designation, a Featured Website from Westmont College, DQP resources and announcement regarding our new Featured Assignments webpage, plus relevant news and information on upcoming conferences and programs.

February 2016
This month’s NILOA Newsletter features information on the Excellence in Assessment (EIA) Designation program, an Assessment in Practice titled An Assessment Fellows Model from Joanna Campbell, Gail Fernandez, and Jill Rivera, a Featured Website from California State University-Fullerton, DQP Updates about new resources, and information on relevant news and upcoming conferences and programs.

January 2016
This month’s NILOA Newsletter features a new NILOA Occasional Paper Aligning Educational Outcomes and Practices from Pat Hutchings, a Viewpoint Ignorance is Not Bliss: Implementation Fidelity and Learning Improvement by Sara J. Finney & Kristen L. Smith, a featured website from James Madison University, a DQP Update, and our customary list of relevant news and upcoming conferences and programs.

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George Mehaffy

George L. Mehaffy
Vice President for Academic Leadership and Change American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU)