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November 2017

Through a combination of keynote speeches and presentations, NILOA staff were busy this past month. We attended the NEean Fall Forum 2017 Advancing Assessment in New England, the 42nd Annual ASHE Conference Power to the People, the NCA's 103rd Annual Convention Our Legacy, Our Relevance and the 2017 Virginia Assessment Group Conference among others.

NEean Fall Forum 2017 Advancing Assessment in New England took place in Worcester, MA on November 3, 2017. NILOA Director, Dr. Natasha Jankowski, delivered the keynote speech, Inspiring Sustained Assessment: Sharing Our Stories of Excellence. Dr. Jankowski’s presentation can be found here. Dr. Jankowski shared of the forum, “The regional meeting was a delight – a strong network of dedicated assessment professionals discussing a variety of ways to engage in meaningful approaches to advancing student learning.” The New England Educational Assessment Network (NEean) is a regional network focused on the intellectual exchange of ideas and efforts related to assessment. Its board of directors is comprised of faculty and administrators from colleges and universities throughout New England.

42nd Annual ASHE Conference Power to the People took place in Houston, TX, from November 8 -11, 2017. NILOA Senior Scholar, Jillian Kinzie, presented High Impact Practices: Is the Impact Positive or Negative for Students of Color? Dr. Kinzie’s presentation focused on a study that examines the impact of HIP participation within racial/ethnic groups. The Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE) is a scholarly society dedicated to higher education as a field of study, which promotes scholarly discourse and debate about important issues and ideas, questions, problems, and possibilities in the study of higher education.

The National Communication Association's (NCA) 103rd Annual Convention Our Legacy, Our Relevance took place in Dallas, TX, November 15–19, 2017. NILOA Senior Scholar, David Marshall, helped facilitate a day long workshop on Learning Outcomes in Communication: Articulating Relevance, Creating Legacy.
The day-long preconference workshop helped participants engage with the Learning Outcomes in Communication (LOCs) and prepare for local implementation within classrooms, departments, and programs. The preconference addressed the LOCs and general education, curriculum mapping, transfer, alignment, and assignment design. This year’s conference brought together over 4,000 patrons attending more than 1,100 sessions focused on civil dialogue about what social progress looks like. The National Communication Association advances communication as the discipline that studies all forms, modes, media, and consequences of communication through humanistic, social scientific, and aesthetic inquiry. NCA serves the scholars, teachers, and practitioners who are its members by enabling and supporting their professional interests in research and teaching.

The 2017 Virginia Assessment Group (VAG) Conference took place in Richmond, VA, from November 15 -17, 2017. NILOA Director, Dr. Natasha Jankowski, delivered the keynote speech: Charting the Future by Reflecting on Our Past. Dr. Jankowski’s presentation can be found here. Dr. Jankowski noted, “It was an honor to be invited by the Virginia Assessment Group to speak at their conference celebrating 30 years of dedicated work.” The Virginia Assessment Group serves as a network for communication and collaboration among institutions of higher education, state and federal agencies and accreditation bodies. VAG members share professional development opportunities and function as a forum for the exchange of ideas.

In addition to conferences and presentations, NILOA staff also participated in a variety of meetings and convenings. Assistant Director Dr. Gianina Baker attended the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) Convening on the Future of Credentials, held in Washington, DC, on December 16. The goal of the convening was to create a working understanding of the current status of alternative credentials among interested parties and identify key issues to be addressed regarding alternative credentials in order to expand their use and acceptance. Much insight into assessment resources needed for those working in this space was gained from attendees.

Dr. Gianina Baker also attended the Complete College America (CCA) Convening, Expanding Access to Students’ American Dreams, held in New Orleans, LA, from November 29-December 1. CCA reviewed its Gamechangers and alerted attendees to its #purposefirst principles due out in early 2018. Presenters reviewed their campus’ work as they attempt to remove barriers to achieve CCA’s strategies. Plenary sessions focused on CCA staff using storytelling to convey their own college experience to the audience.

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