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Hutchinson Community College’s (HCC) Educational Quality Assessment (EQA) web page is NILOA’s July 2018 Featured Website! HCC is committed to using a wide-range of assessment activities and assessment data to inform continuous improvement. The goal is to provide every HCC student the necessary environment to succeed. The EQA website offers a clear overview on how the college achieves its improvement goals. For example, website visitors can peruse HCC’s institution-wide learning outcomes statements and assessment plans.  The EQA website also lists various assessment resources including HCC’s Assessment Handbook which details the college’s assessment goals and processes, as well as builds a common understanding around the importance of assessment and assessment language.

Furthermore, HCC’s Educational Quality Assessment website provides an in-depth look at the institution’s current assessment activities. Included in this are various reports and assessment results both at the institution- and program-levels, HCC’s Program Review Guide, and various examples on how the college has closed the loop and used assessment evidence for improvement. For these reasons, Hutchinson Community College’s EQA webpage is a NILOA Featured Website in the categories of Centralized Assessment Repository and Communication


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